It's the Best Rosary Bracelet on Amazon at $20

It's the Best Rosary Bracelet on Amazon at $20

Many members of the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches will go through what is called Christian initiation, in which we introduce a person to their religion and acknowledge their relationship with Jesus Christ.

When they are babies, they are baptized. Then, when they are about 6 or 7 years old, they will take their first communion. When they reach the age of adolescence (at least in Western cultures), another sacrament is celebrated: confirmation, sometimes called chrismation. This is when Catholics confirm their commitment to God.

Although not all Christian denominations practice confirmation, it is very important for those that do. It represents your commitment to God and your religion as you enter adulthood and usually takes place during your teenage years. This important rite of passage incorporates many of the themes of baptism, but it involves taking religion classes and other Bible-based prerequisites.

Once confirmation is complete, we celebrate it with a party or gift. The best confirmation gifts, whether given by godparents, parents or grandparents, are spiritual in nature, such as a piece of jewelry with a cross or a keepsake box with a Bible passage. Below are these ideas and more to help you honor this important day in a child’s life.

1. Glass bottle of holy water

The child may not keep the card you gave him or remember the special speech you gave, but he will never throw away the holy water from this special day. Most churches have a tap where you can access free water to fill the bottle.

Buy: Glass bottle of holy water

2. 3-minute devotions for guys

He’s growing up, and while his faith will always be important, he may struggle to find room for it. But with this devotional book, all he needs is three minutes a day to read one of 180 passages that will help him stay connected.

Buy: 3-minute devotions for guys

3. Rosary charm bracelet

This beautiful bracelet is delicate and adjustable, so it’s perfect for everyday wear. It also features a beautiful cross and a classic miraculous medal of the Virgin Mary.

Buy: Rosary charm bracelet

4. Bible Bag

This colorful case will protect the Bible you gave him at communion. Besides space for her book, there is a slot for a pen, as well as pockets for other essentials.

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5. The Action Bible

If they don’t have The Action Bible, you’ll earn major points if you give it as a confirmation gift. It features over 200 stories in a comic book style that makes learning about religion fun and engaging.

Buy: The Action Bible

6. Inspirational Bible Quote Necklace

Buying jewelry for teenagers can be difficult, but this necklace is a no-brainer. On the front, it depicts their favorite sport (soccer, soccer, baseball, etc.), while the back features an inspirational Bible quote.

Buy: Inspirational Bible Quote Necklace

7. Inspirational resin wall cross

Adorned with a ton of inspirational quotes, this cross will keep them safe and fit right in with their decor. Like we said, at this age, it’s all about personalizing their room, and this cross is a perfect addition.

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8. Men’s Cross Bracelet

Also available in gold and black, this bracelet is a subtle way for him to honor his faith. It’s durable enough to wear every day and features an adjustable buckle, so it can grow with him.

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9. Personalized Confirmation Necklace

There are so many ways to personalize this gift. You choose the name you want engraved on the charm, the color of the birthstone and the message on the card. This is a great way for her to remember this special day.

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10. Grace Looks Amazing on You: 100 Days to Reflecting God’s Love

Your teen can read this book when she’s had a particularly hard day, to remind herself why God loves her.

Buy: Grace Looks Amazing on You: 100 Days to Reflecting God’s Love

11. Faux Leather Wallet

He’s at the age of carrying a wallet. Give him a wallet that has a special connection to his faith and will remind him that God is with him every time he picks it up.

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12. Everyday Inspiration: Bible Verse Cards

With over 80 inspirational cards to choose from, this set makes it easy to read a verse at the beginning of each school day or week.

Buy: Daily Inspiration: Bible Verse Cards

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